Who Should Be Involved in the Planning of a New Healthcare Campus?


If you are considering a new healthcare campus, or other major capital project,  there are several groups that should definitely be considered as part of your planning process:

The C-Suite

The leadership team will ultimately be come the accountable group to the board of directors, so the C-Suite team is a must to include in the project development from the onset. There must be one person from the C-Suite that is the designated project executive and takes ownership of the project.

The Board of Directors

Since the Board will most likely have the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the project to the community, a subset of the board such as a Building Committee, should be established but not so big it becomes politically ineffective. The board members that will be of value, will be a member of the board finance committee, a strong fundraiser and board members that are strong corporate leaders or bankers. Be cautious to not include board members that may have a conflict of interest.  Be sure to establish responsibilities and decision-making definitions.

The Medical Staff

Given your physicians must be major advocates of the project, having physicians involved in some manner will be important to serve as ambassadors to the community, other physicians and staff. The Medical Staff Director would be an obvious choice.

The Hospital Staff

These are the foot soldiers in your campaign to provide quality healthcare.  Their input is invaluable and their inclusion in the planning process helps build valuable support for your project.  Some can only bring their past experiences, good or bad, to the table. In many cases, we have found that a capital project provides a great learning ground for potential future leaders to demonstrate innovative ideas to improve and streamline your healthcare delivery process. Be sure to establish responsibilities and decision-making definitions.


If your mission is to serve patients then they should certainly be invited into the planning process.  Polling several focus groups gives you valuable insights into what your customers are thinking and helps spread the word that your project has grassroots support.


Even the most well-intentioned project can run afoul of neighborhood concerns.  Interacting with the neighbors not only clues you in to their hot button issues, but helps your project put its best foot forward early in the process.  Make them a key part of the planning as well as the celebration of your new project.

City & Other Regulatory Representatives

Your project is a great benefit to the City and their constituents.  Building solid relationships with both City leadership and City staff goes a long way toward easing approvals for your project.  Be sure to offer them prominent roles both at the groundbreaking and at the opening of the facility. The earlier you seek their involvement and input, the more they will trust you want to comply with their needs.


This group has the final say on whether your project goes forward so you need to invite them into your process early on.  Helping them develop confidence in your team and your planning process eases approval of your financing later on.

This should provide you with a better understanding of the parties who should be involved with the overall planning of the facility.

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