12 Reasons To Hire A Project Manager

The ultimate Project Manager ~ Santa Claus!

Often we are asked “what are the benefits of using a project manager?” by our prospective clients.  Here are 12 reasons how hiring a project manager can add value to your team and enhance the overall experience of a capital project:

  1. To implement a more highly disciplined approach in delivering a successful project.
  2. To proactively identify and mitigate project risks.
  3. To develop and manage a comprehensive project budget and schedule.
  4. To define and administer the selection process for the project team members.
  5. To identify and organize the project team members and organizational structure.
  6. To create and negotiate the agreements with the project team members.
  7. To manage timely decision making.
  8. To provide a comprehensive project perspective on project issues.
  9. To keep peace and balance in the project team family.
  10. To ensure that the owner remains in control of the project.
  11. To provide an increased sense of confidence in the overall management of the project.
  12. To allow the hospital leadership to focus on their day job.

These are the attributes that our clients have shared with us and provide the greatest benefits to owners, but if you have any additional thoughts, please share them with us.

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